Crypto Airdrops : How to get Free Cryptos or Tokens (Redeem as ETH)

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is the point at which a CryptoCurrency venture conveys free tokens/coins as a reward to the general population who play out specific undertakings at these task’s demand. To be a beneficiary of a crypto airdrop regularly the main prerequisite is that you join with few subtle elements as well as offer a word about them via web-based networking media.

What amount would i be able to procure from an Airdrop?

Trust it or not, but rather with least endeavors, you can win as much as $300 from only one Airdrop.

How/Where to Receive Free Airdrops?

To get these free coins/tokens you need an ERC20 Wallet. Just ERC20 wallet is intended to get distinctive tokens so don’t give any of your Ethereum address from any trades as trades are not perfect to get tokens.

The two most usually utilized ERC20 wallets are MyEtherWallet, imToken and Metamask. I would prescribe utilizing imToken for tenderfoots as it is anything but difficult to utilize and deal with your coins.

1.First of all, Download imToken by Clicking Here

2. Now create a wallet by entering your name and password.

3. After creating your wallet backup your wallet.

4. Make sure that you never disclose your private key.

5. Now a wallet will be created and you will get a wallet address as this will be used to receive these free tokens.

Ongoing Free Airdrops:

UseChain Token Free AirDrops (UST):

If you invite your friends to complete the following three steps, you will receive additional 40 UST.

Step 1: We have sent a verification message to your email, click the link for verify.

Step 2: Join the Telegram group , add the robot @ust_official_bot to bind the address and invitation code according to the tips; or add the WeChat bot: gbx-yun, and send your Invitation code to gbx-yun.

Step 3: Share your invite url or QRcode to your friends for additional UST.

【Invitation code】Send to telegram bot Or send to wechat bot

a5e0125648 Copy

【Invitation link】Share link to your friends

Olive Airdrop – Get Free 10 OLE Tokens on Sign up + 10 per referral?

 1. First of all, Visit Olive Token Page Here

2. Enter your Ethereum ERC20 wallet address & email and submit it.

3. Now on Next Page Follow Olive on Twitter and come back. You will get 10 Tokens.

4. Now Join Olive(OLE) Official Group and Send your invitation code to @Ole_Official_Bot

5. Now You will see you have earned 10 Tokens.

6. They will send Free Tokens to all Users in next 15-20 days.

7. You can Refer your friend to earn 10 Tokens per referral.

8. Seems this Token will be live soon some exchanges like Bitone or Bit-z.


Obirum Airdrop- How to get Free Obirum(OBR) Tokens?

1. First of all, Visit the Obirum website by Clicking here

2. Follow the steps mentioned, Register bonus for first 100,000 users.

3. You will get 50 OBR as Singup Bonus.

4. Done!! Now refer your friends and earn 50% commission on referrals.

Bitbns Refer Friends & Family To Earn INR:

Here’s how it will work: Click Here to Join Bitbns

  1. Rs. 100 would be credited to both users in Bitbns wallet, when the invited user does the trading of worth Rs.1500.
  2. The balance earned via this program can be used only against the trading fee on Bitbns transactions
  3. The Trading fee will be automatically deducted from the Bitbns wallet on successful transactions, from the remaining wallet balance.
  4. The referral program is limited to desktop and mobile browser only. i.e. if you refer a user via Mobile apps, it will not be considered as eligible referral.
  1. The person will get a unique referral link from his/her dashboard.
  2. The link can be shared across any platform, and only those signups from the link will be considered.
  3. The signup would be considered only when the new user completes the KYC verification and does 1500 INR worth of trade.
DATA Airdrop – How to get Free DATA(DTA) tokens?

1. First of all, Visit DATA Airdrop by Clicking here

2. Enter your Twitter username and follow their Twitter profile.

3. Then enter your wallet address which you got from imToken or any ERC20 Wallet and verify that you are not a robot.

4. Now click on the Paperplane Logo.

5. Congrats! you will receive 20 DATA tokens which are currently worth half a dollar now.

6. Plus share your link to receive 20 DATA per referral.

7. You will receive the tokens after February 13.

*To know more about DATA(DTA) Click here

Coinstocks Airdrop – How to get Free Coinstocks(IOX) tokens?

1.First of all, Visit Coinstocks by clicking here

2. Click on ”get early access”.

3. Submit form.

4. Your account will be credited with 500 IOX.

5. Now refer your friends to get 50 IOX tokens.

To know more about Coinstocks Click here.

Woter Airdrop- How to get Free Woter(WOT) Tokens?

1.First of all, Visit Woter by Clicking here

2. Click on “Join Airdrop Get 20 WOT coins free”

3. Submit your details including ETH address.

4. That’s it. You will get $5 worth of WOT tokens for free.

5.. After registering refer your friends to get 5 WOT tokens per refer.

6. Withdraw will be available after ICO Ends.

7. By holding WOTER you are securing lifelong earnings from their smart contract: 25% of exchange revenue will be distributed to WOT holders monthly for life.

To know more about Woter Click here.

DATx Airdrop – How to get Free DATx(DATX) tokens?

1. First of all, Visit DATX Airdrop Page by clicking here

2. Simply sign up with your ETH address and follow the steps to claim the airdrop

3. Then refer friends to get 3.2 DATx tokens extra.

Bitpaction Airdrop – How to get Free Bitpaction(BPS) tokens?

1. First of all, Visit Bitpaction by clicking here

2. Sign up with your Email and Password.

3. Verify your EMail.

4. That’s it simple as that you will get 100 BPS tokens instantly.

CURRENT Airdrop- How to get Free CURRENT(CRNC) Tokens?

1.First of all, Sign up for Current by Clicking here

2. Enter your Email and password and Sign up and then verify your Mail.

3. Then visit Current Airdrop Page by Clicking here.

4. Now complete the form given in the page by joining their Telegram channel, giving your Email plus entering your ERC-20 wallet address.

5. After submitting the form you will receive a mail regarding referral (it may take time to receive the mail so plz be patient).

6. Now share your link and invite friends to the Airdrop to receive more tokens.

7. There’s a total of 4 million CRNC tokens available for Airdrop and will be distributed equally depending on the number of registered participants in the Airdrop.

*To know more about CURRENT Click here

DOCK Airdrop – How to get Free DOCK tokens?

1. First of all, Visit Dock Airdrop Page by Clicking here

2. Now Enter your MailPassword, and Signup.

3. Go to your Email and Confirm Mail.

4. Now verify your DOCK account by Linking any one of the Social media accounts and following them on Telegram.

5.After verifying your account you can start earning. There are multiple ways you can Earn like Following them on various Social accounts, inviting friends to join Dock through your invite etc.

6. You could get $3 dollars worth of free Dock tokens per referral.

7. Your Earnings will be paid in DOCK tokens 30 days after the token sale ends.

*To Know more about DOCK Click Here

 Luckbox Airdrop- How to get Free Luckbox Tokens?

1. First of all, Visit Luckbox Airdrop page by Clicking Here

2. Now click on login with Twitter.

3. Then follow the instructions to Earn Your Luck.

4. Please note you must complete all the steps to qualify for the airdrop.

5. The free tokens will be airdropped into the Ethereum wallet of everyone who enters.

6. Free tokens from Earn Your Luck will be released three months after the crowdsale ends.

*To Know more about Luckbox Click here

iGift Box Airdrop – How to get Free 100 iGift Token?

*First of all, Visit iGift Airdrop Page by Clicking Here

*Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 GRAM!!!

*GRAM is the token of its blockchain product TON.

*iGift.One, the biggest international airdrop platform, will hold this event.

*The achieved free iGift from iGift Box will contain a certain sum of GRAM.

*Each iGift costs 0.2USD.

*Get 100 iGift, just click and sign-up.

CCRB Referral Program- Earn 5$ on SignUp + 10$ per Refer :
  1. First of all, Visit CCRB Website Click Here
  2. Now SignUp for an account.
  3. Enter you all details Email Address Etc.
  4. Done! You will get 5$ worth CCRB in your wallet.
  5. Now Go to Menu >> Refer and Earn.
  6. Copy your Referral Link and share with your friends.
  7. You will get 10$ worth CCRC per Referral.
  8. Now CCRB Withdrawl is Live you can Transfer to BTC, ETH wallet.

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