Cut The Price Offer Get Free Product From LimeRoad Loot Offer

LimeRoad Cut The Price Offer which is same as Price Drop where you will get a Free Product by just clicking the products. You just need to share your product links along with your friends and you will get your product free from LimeRoad Cut The Price Deal. Follow Given Steps to Start Cutting Down your Price and get your Product Free.

Get Free Product From LimeRoad Cut The Price Offer :

1. First of all, Open Given Link in your Default Browser

More Product Click Here TOo

2. Click on CUT THE PRICE and Now Enter your Mobile Number and Submit it.

3. Verify your Mobile Number with Upcoming OTP.

4. Then you will Help me to Cut my Price and my Product Value become Down. You will get a Congratulation Message on Screen.

5. After this you will get a Notification on Same Screen Named Free Products Option.

6. Open it and You will get list of Free Products which you can share the Link and invite your Friends to Cut your Price.

7. Share your Product link on Social Media and let your Friends Cut your Price. You will get your Product free after it will reach at Rs 0

8. Check your Final Price in MY Cuttings Section and when it becomes 0 Just Order it for Free!

9. You have 24 Hours to Share your Links and to Get your Product Price Down to 0 So Hurry!!

10. Amount cut by each friend is random (0-100). It’s easy to succeed, simply bring more and more friends.

Cut The Price Game Rules :
  • Customers can get products free by simply participating in the game. No payment is involved.
  • Choose your favourite product, invite friends to help you cut the price. As long as price is cut to Rs 0 within 24 Hrs, you will get product for free. All the cost of product and shipping is borne by Limeroad.
  • You can start as many “cut the price” as you like. Although Likelihood of success is more if you start only one at a time.
  • Your friends need to verify their mobile number to help you cut the price.
  • You can help upto 3 friends to cut the price, value of second cut is lower than first cut and so on. For the same “cut the price” you can only help once.
  • After you have successfully cut the price to Rs 0 , you can claim your reward by clicking on “Claim” button , we will give you LR credits (1 Credit = ₹ 1) equal to the selling price of the product in your Limeroad account.
  • You can place order for the product at Rs 0 after choosing size and selecting delivery address and applying LR credits claimed on checkout.
  • If the product goes out of stock or your size is unavailable, you can use those LR credit to buy anything on Limeroad.

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