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In this topic we are covering about how to earn money from online. Earn money from home. How to convert small business to large business through E-Commerce site amazon. How to become online seller – Sell on amazon.

Amazon providing platform to small business owner make money with broader market. In this Continuation we will try to cover each and every important topic about How to become online seller – Sell on amazon. So, register with Amazon as a seller and earn massive income.

Topics Covered with this post are below:

1. What is amazon online seller program.
2. How to sell your product on amazon.
3. Required Document.
4. How to calculate commission/Fees
5. Comparison on different delivery channel
6. Best business suggestion.

What is amazon online seller program

Amazon started program for their customer’s business to grow up more with amazon. Now, small businessman can sell their product on all over india with the platform of amazon. User has to just register as a amazon seller, list their product, Deliver with quality and get massive income. Now small business not bounded with a small range now they can sell anywhere in india. It takes less than 15 minute to register with amazon. Click to redirect : How to become Online seller – Sell om amazon

How to sell your product on Amazon.

You just have to follow few steps to register as Seller on amazon.
1. Click here to Register as a Seller. Start Selling
2. Create an account on and register with GST/PAN No & Active bank A/C Detail.
3. Customer place order.
4. Deliver your product on behalf of orders. you can opt for delivery option with FBA, Easy Ship & Self Ship.
5. Your sales payment get deposited into your active bank accounts on every 7 days.

Required Document:-

If you want to sell on, You just need to access amazon seller central. You can do this by creating an account. It takes just 15 minutes and you need just two things to start selling.
1. PAN No and GST of your selling business.
2. Active bank A/C to deposit payments.

If you have PAN card, active Bank A/C both then click here to register.

If you don’t have GST No. a special offer running for you : Click To Know

How To calculate Commission/Fees:-

Fees and profit based on various factor:
1. Calculate referral fees
2: Find your your closing fees
3: Calculate the shipping fees, or if you are using self-ship, check the cost of shipping
4: Calculate Total Fees = Referral Fees + Closing Fees + Shipping Fees/Cost.
5: Profit = Item Sale price – cost of product – Total Fee

Comparison on different delivery channel

FeaturesFulfillment by Amazon (FBA)Easy Ship (ES)Self-Ship
StorageStorage FeesSeller will bear costSeller will bear cost
PackagingPick & Pack FeesSeller will bear costSeller will bear cost
ShippingShipping FeeShipping FeeSeller will bear cost
Pay on DeliveryX
Prime BadgingYesBy invite onlyOnly for customers in nearby pincodes with Local Shops on Amazon
Increased Chance of winning the BuyboxXX
Customer ServiceAmazon manages itAmazon manages it (Optional)Seller manages it
Ideal for· Fast selling/High volume products
· High margin
· Increasing sales with Prime
You can Try FBA at no additional cost for 1st 3 months/100 units
· Sellers with their own warehouse
· Wide variety of products with tighter margins
· Sellers who don’t have delivery capabilities
· Sellers with their own warehouse & reliable delivery services
· Wide variety of products with tighter margins
· Sellers who can deliver quickly to nearby pincodes (for Local Shops on Amazon)

Comparison Of different delivery type for amazon seller.

Best Business Suggestion:-

As pandemic Covid-19 business of essential service beneficial for seller.
Face Mask & Covers
Hand Sanitizer
Medical Equipment
Daily Need/essential (Grocery)
Beauty products

Above mention products are in daily uses with good profit margin. Its all our suggestion start your business as your risk reward.

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