Zebpay App Promo Code Offer : Earn FREE Bitcoin from Zebpay App

Zebpay App Promo Code – Bitcoin is now one of the most popular topics on the Internet because it has crossed $ 10000 + today and the price is still increasing day by day. More and more people are now becoming aware of Bitcoin and are interested in investing their money. If you do not have enough money to invest today, then I will share a method and use it You can also earn a free bitcoin without any problem. Today in this post, I’ll share the promo code and use this Zebpay App Promo Code.You can Make $ 100 Free Bitcoin from this offer, How to take advantage of the offer, simply follow the simple steps below: –

What is zebpay?
* Zebpay App is one of the leading bitcoin exchange in India, Zebpay is an Android app for buying and selling bitcoins in the app.
* Zeppay is promoting his wallet and he has a referee and earning campaign where you can refer your friend to the Zebpay app and earn free bitcaps.
How to Earn Better Quotes from Zeppay App Promo Code?
1) First of all, download the app for Android and iOS.
2) Install and open the Zebpay app.
3) Next, enter your mobile number.
4) Verify your mobile number by OTP.
5) Next, click on the menu from the top right corner.
6) Click on “Free bitcoins”
7) Now enter the Zebpay app promo code here: REF85062091

8) Hurray !! You have successfully entered the Zebpay promo code and now whenever you make a transaction on Zebpay, you will get 100 rupees in your Zebpay app wallet.
How to Earn More Free Bitcoins from Zebpay Promo Code Referral?
1) Click on the menu from the top right corner.
2) Next, click on “Free bitcaps”.
3) To share your referral code with your friends, click on the share button below.
4) Your Referred friend will also get a Bitcoin of 100 Indian rupees on his first transaction.
5) You will also get the benefit of every transaction of purchase or sale of 0.10% of your friend.
pay attention:-
1) You will only earn when your friends use their referral links and enter your own zebap promo code when signing up.
2) You can earn maximum free Bitcoin of only Rs. 50,000.
3) You have to verify your account password using PAN card, Aadhar card, bank account details. Verification process can take 24-48 hours.

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